Success Stories

"Mohammed worked tirelessly with me and provided individualized attention. He was very approachable, and always ready to help. We used to spend hours weekly going over interview questions. The best part about it was the feedback that he gave. It was concise, precise, and exceedingly helpful. He helped me secure multiple job offers, one of them being the dream job that I wanted in San Francisco."
"Words aren't enough to describe the effort he puts in to get your resumes ready for your hunt. I typically loved the mock interviews he conducts (technical, behavioral), it subconsciously gave me the feeling of going through the real interview."
"He scheduled calls regularly and conducted mock interviews which helped me a lot to correct my mistakes and added more confidence in me".
"Mohammed has a lot of experience in the industry in different domains and he clearly knew what was expected out from a Masters graduate and the formula to meet those expectations. He will always make time to sit with you and guide you the best way possible."
"It was a smooth process, he [Mohammed] outlined all the goals in the beginning and was always a call away. He knew what he was doing and was very helpful throughout this stressful process. He made sure I was prepared for every interview by conducting several mock interviews."
"After he [Mohammed] helped me out with my resume I found the number of interview calls increased and I got a full time job. He conducted mock interviews which helped me give confidence to handle the actual interview."
"Mohammed was always there. Every time I failed, Mohammed helped me get right back up and every time I succeeded, he was there to share my joy. I can say that by the end of this journey you will surely secure a nice job but you will also gain a great friend."
"We went through well-defined mock interviews customized for different positions and companies, post-interview analysis and detailed discussions to find weak areas, which helped me avoid mistakes I would have made in actual interviews."
"Mohammed was a constant through my job search. Having someone like Mohammed helping you goes a long way in easing [the search] and making it more efficient. Mohammed provides a certain personal touch which cannot be explained in words, he would make sure you got everything right before you go for an interview."
"Thank you so much, Mohammed for constantly checking up on me at most times when I gave up, asking me not to give up and helping me find the job which I love!"