Why Coaching?


Graduates tend to confuse learning with practice. You’ve had the education you dreamed and worked hard on the skills you’ve learned in the process, but in order to put these skills into practice and get to your dream job, you need… practice (and lots of it!)
My goal in coaching you is not telling you what you don’t already know, but helping you discover your true self – this includes getting your best experience out during interviews and polishing any rough edges that might exist, so you can go into any interview confidently with your best foot forward.
We will start with building a strong foundation to highlight your best projects in your resume, formulate a strategy regarding job applications, discuss networking techniques using written and verbal communication and conduct mock interviews prior to the main interview.
I will be covering the following aspects 
  • Resume building
  • Application strategies
  • Connection techniques and communication
  • Mock interviews
I have worked with myriad clients coming from a number of different industries and programs including Business / Data Analysts, Data Science, Consulting, Supply Chain, Full Stack and Software Developers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Network Engineers and Marketing majors. I have helped my mentees secures jobs in companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Discover, Global Foundaries, PwC, CapGemini and more
I work with the following groups 
  • Graduate – Recent graduates or students graduating in a few months who are about to step into the real world and ready to set themselves up for success.
  • Professionals – Professionals with 2-5 years of work experience who are looking to take on the next exciting opportunity in their career.
  • Consultants / Niche requests – Professionals who are looking to break into consulting within the “Big Four” or specific industries.

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